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    Help/FAQ for Customers

    Why I should use
    With, ordering meals becomes simple, convenient, and accurate. With the photo-featured dish menu, you can see how your meals will look like before you place an order. With so many restaurants in one virtual place, you can easily find your favorite restaurants and the best dishes without any phone numbers and paper menu. Online order can also reduce the errors by human beings during the phone order process.

    How to Prevent the Ordering System from being abused?
    All the orders placed by an unregistered customer must be confirmed via the customer's email address. The first order placed by the registered customers also needs to be confirmed via the their email address. The patrons' IP is recorded in case of identifying the ordering system abuser.

    What Are the Benefits to Registered Customers?
    We strongly encourage our customers to become the registered member. After first order, we no longer ask the registered members to confirm via email. As a registered member, you no longer need to type your personal information after login unless you ask to delivery your meals to an other location. After you login as a registered member, your personal page will appear where you will immediately find your favorite restaurant list and your previous orders. It is very convenient for you to re-order your meals at your favorite restaurants.

    There Will my Contact information be sold? will never sell or provide your contact information such as phone number, email address or street address to a third party except the restaurant with that you order your food in that specific order.

    How do I checkout?
    Once you have selected your food dishes simply click on the checkout tab in the Popup Shopping Cart (which always locates at the top of left hand side in your computer screen) or in the right end of the top bar menu and fill out your contact information. Once you submit the order you will be provided with a receipt that includes your order, order No., and the restaurant information, which will be emailed to you in the same time.

    How can I change/delete/add my order once I check out?
    You need to contact the restaurant directly to make changes with your order since your order has been forwarded to the restaurant right after your check out.

    How Do I Pay?
    You do not need to pay anything to us. The online ordering service is free to customers. You pay your meals directly to the restaurant with the accepted method as the restaurant requests.

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